Owner Operator Program

Who is the owner operator program for?

Class A CDL Truck Drivers – Our owner operator program is for Class A CDL drivers who desire to earn additional revenue, drivers who don’t have the best credit to purchase their own truck, drivers who don’t want to handle the administrative paperwork with the IRS & the State in which they live.

Investors – Our owner operator is for investors who desire to create an additional stream of revenue. Potter’s Wheel Trucking can help investors pick drivers to drive the vehicle.

What Percentages Will You Receive As An Owner Operator or Investor?

Owner operators will receive 70% of the gross revenue while 30% of the gross revenue will go to Potter’s Wheel Trucking for internal & external operations. The following numbers are based on dry van freight which is the cheapest type of freight.  If you drive a flat bed, then you numbers will be higher.

Example: If you gross $5,000 a week,  $1,500 (30%) will go to Potter’s Wheel Trucking leaving you with $3,500!  Fuel will cost anywhere between $1,000-$1,500 a week leaving you with a net profit between $2,000-$2,500 a week! You will earn up to $5,000 and sometimes $6,000 in gross profit if you commit to driving over the weekend with an earning potential between $2,700-$3,200 a week which equates to $10,800-$12,800 a month!

Real Numbers

Scenario 1 – Doing the Bare Minimum – Monday – Friday – Scenario 2 – Staying Out During the Week – Monday – Friday
Weekly Gross Revenue $3,900 Weekly Gross Revenue $4,500
Stay Out Over Weekend – $5,500 Stay Out Over Weekend – $6,000
$5,500 Weekly Gross Weekly Gross $6,000 Weekly Gross
0.7 (70%) 70% of Gross Profit 0.7 (70%)
$3,850 Owner Operator Gross $4,200
$3,850 Owner Operator Gross $4,200
(1,500) (Diesel) Diesel (1,500) (Diesel)
$2,350 Weekly Net Pay $2,700
Monthly Revenue Monthly Revenue Monthly Revenue
$2,350 Weekly Net Pay $2,700
4 Weeks Out of Month 4 Weeks Out of Month 4 Weeks Out of Month
$9,400 Monthly Net Pay $10,800.00
-$1,500 Truck/Trailer -$1,500
-$1,500 Insurance -$1,500
$6,400.00 Monthly Net Pay $7,800.00
$76,800.00 Yearly Net Pay $93,600

How will you be compensated?

You will receive funds via direct deposit.  Your first week of work will be deposited the following week on a Friday. Typically, fuel is deducted from our accounts on Tuesday mornings.  After calculating your gross revenue for the week from Monday-Sunday, we will then wait until Tuesday to determine how much fuel you used where we will deduct that fuel expense from your paycheck.  Our Pilot/Flying J cards gives you .16 cents off a gallon saving thousands of dollars throughout the year.

What will you receive with working with Potter’s Wheel Trucking?

  • Professional website presence
  • Company logo on truck with contact info (MC#, USDOT#, Truck #, Website, Business Phone, and City & State.
  • Business cards with your name on it as an Owner Operator (if desired) VIEW FRONT   VIEW BACK
  • Limited access to company letterhead contingent upon the use (must be approved by management).
  • Use of Potter’s Wheel Trucking USDOT #
  • Use of Potter’s Wheel Trucking MC Authority #
  • Dispatching services to schedule loads for your truck
  • Accounting – Quickbooks (Taxes, W-2, records, etc)
  • Fuel cards for discounts up to .16 cents a gallon saving you over $7,000 in fuel!
  • License for truck and vehicle registration – $800-$1,200
  • Garmin GPS with Dash Camera to record live audio and video – $500
  • Load Bars & Straps $150
  • Recommended Mechanics in the Chattanooga, TN area. If you live in another city, you will have to find a mechanic.

How the process works?

  1. Pick Your Own Truck! *We may have a truck already available for you!

    After having a consultation with the staff, you will start by selecting your truck from the MHC dealership by clicking here https://mhc.com/trucks  We recommend that you select a truck that’s within your price range for monthly payments. Trucks priced between $40,000-$59,999 will have monthly payments ranging between $1,300-$1,700 a month. Trucks lease for 3 years.  After the trucks are paid off, you can add between $1,300-$1,700 a month to your annual salary!

  2. Sign Contract, and Obtain Truck & Trailer Insurance!

    After signing a legal contract with Potter’s Wheel Trucking, you will then be responsible for obtaining your own truck and trailer insurance if desired, however, we can add you to our insurance! The insurance premium will be higher for new trucks and lower for older trucks. Insurance can run between $1,000-$2,000 a month contingent upon the driver’s years of experience, accidents, and violations (tickets).

    We recommend using our current insurance provider Reliance Partners.  Our agent is Jimmy Holloway.  You can email Jimmy at Jimmy Holloway jimmy.holloway@reliancepartners.com or call him at 423-402-5535. If you are a driver with less than 2 years of trucking experience, you will more than likely have to obtain insurance with Progressive.

    Progressive is more likely to accept anyone no matter how long you’ve been driving and no matter what’s on your driving record.  Please understand that you may face a premium increase if you have tickets and violations on your Motor Vehicle Report (MVR).

  3. Pick Up Your Truck & Start Driving!

    A representative from Potter’s Wheel Trucking will meet you at the pick up location to pick up your truck so that you can start driving!


Items to Consider:

You will have to deposit between 20%-25% to obtain your truck & trailer insurance. Please ensure that you have a substantial amount of access to resources and funding for repairs that will come up in the trucking industry.

Expenses You Will Be Responsible for Paying

As an owner operator, you will be responsible for ALL maintenance repairs – We encourage you to have enough funds saved up when the truck needs maintenance.

Ready to move forward to become an owner operator or investor? Please call or text our owner, Ricky Taylor, at 423-400-1286.